Get Your Blog Rated And Read

Get Your Blog Rated And Read

What’s the point of being a kick ass blogger if nobody gets to read it? That’s why you should submit your blog to as many bona fide directories as possible.  Not only will it bring your creative juices or rants to a wider audience, but it will also add a little SEO clout to get your blog rated and read and most of us could always do with a little bit of that.

How to get your blog rated and read.

One of my favourite and possibly the most authorative is Technorati. You have to jump through a few hoops to get featured, but it’s well worth the effort. Once you have set up your account, you submit your blog, add a description choose relevant keywords for your niche and then sit back and wait. Yes there is a little wait as any blogger worth their salt will be submitting theirs as well, and Technorati need to verify that you are the author and not just a bot!

Part of that process is emailing you a claim code (something like this U6SNHRQSSX3A) which you then have to feature in a blog post, just like I have done so that they are sure you have arms, legs a heartbeat and in most cases hair. Then you just wait for a confirmation email and hey presto you’ve just given your pride and joy an SEO shot in the arm, simple really!

That was a fairly simple technique to get your blog rated and read and if you don’t mind I will ramble on a little longer because, if you didn’t already know, any blog post you write should be a minimum of 300 words and mine wasn’t (doh! I could have written three hundred instead of 300 and that would have used up a few more words…) and I don’t want to teach you any bad practices do I! There you go, done it, time to move on…

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