Effective PPC Ads

Effective PPC Ads

Whether you advertise in a magazine, pay per click (PPC) on the Internet or any text based medium, your ad MUST grab the reader’s attention and quickly. Your advertising strategy and placement may be perfect but get the ad copy wrong and it will all end up an expensive waste of time. Effective PPC ads are crucial to your ROI, so what are the characteristics to employ when creating eye catching ad copy?

So How Do You Write Effective PPC Ads?

First of all be sure to use your keywords in your title and even in the description if continuity allows. Before you begin writing ad copy you should have completed your keyword research to decide which ones you are going to target. If you haven’t hmmm, I would stop reading this right now and get that done first, use the Google Keyword Tool, it’s free and and a good place to start.

Remember your potential customer has entered a keyword or phrase because they are looking for something or someone. They will want to accomplish or learn something or maybe take advantage of an offer, so you must write your ad description as if you were speaking directly to them, do that and they will click on your effective PPC ads and then visit your website.

You want your potential customer to be motivated by  what you have written, care about their needs and offer a solution. Importantly you will want to include a reason for that person to take action and respond to your ad to do this you need to use action oriented language.

Let’s look at an example, perhaps your offering Yoga classes. Think about why would someone be looking for that. Perhaps they are suffering from stress, or they are unhappy about their appearance, appeal to their needs and they will click through to find out more.

Let’s take a look at how the ads might look…

Stress Free Yoga Classes
Find Your Inner Peace With Our
Yoga Classes. First Lesson Free.

Toning Yoga Classes.
Look and Feel Better Starting Today
Shape Your Body, Mind and Soul.

When creating effective PPC ads for a campaign make sure that you run at least 2 per ad group, this will allow you to split test and monitor what’s actually attracting your customer base. You can then tweak the lesser performing one to improve on your appeal.

Well written ads, however, are only part of an effective PPC marketing campaign. Once the user clicks and arrives at your landing page it must look professional and offer what was being searched, if not, well it’s “see ya” and on to the next one!

If you need help with an existing PPC campaign or are looking to set up your first one, take a look at our PPC Services or contact us to see how we can optimise your online presence

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