The Kent SEO Test

The Kent SEO Test

Now here’s a thing. I love blogging. For fun and for business, I love writing, creating and knocking out thoughtful web candy for the masses. But what I love most is the power of the blog, how you can encapsulate and dominate a particular niche, today I hope to prove that point by targeting a “key” keyword in my niche, Kent SEO.

Let The Kent SEO Test Begin!

I am based in Whitstable, Kent and that is the region that I predominantly target to assist businesses in getting the most from their website. Put simply a Kent business needs Kent SEO!

If you’ve read through my website and blog then you will know that I continually bang on about the necessity for a blog on your company website as it is the perfect vehicle for telling the likes of Google what you are about and that you constantly update it with relevant content and, therefore, they should drop by, crawl all over it and rank it highly in their search results.

If your website is taking time to move up the search rankings for your chosen keywords, you can give it a boost by by blogging about that keyword. So in this case, one of my keyword choices is Kent SEO and I can use this post to add weight to my claim and nudge Google letting them know that they should take a closer look at my site to see how relevant the keyword, Kent SEO is, and therefore pertinent to the people of Kent who need my services.

Does that make sense?

If you have read this after finding this somewhere on the first page of Google out of the 13,200,000 results Google returns for the search phrase “Kent SEO” then you should by now fully understand! If you read this via a link from any of my social media sites, I may have only posted it today so give the search engines a chance to analyse and rank it they have a lot of sites to check.

If this little exercise works and you think your website could do with a little of the same magic, get in touch it could just be the start of a beautiful commercial relationship…

Let the experiment begin!



  1. Ha! Just found this on page 1 of Google, it obviously works, respect!

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