Do Web Designers Do SEO?

Do Web Designers Do SEO?

Ooh, got to be careful here, otherwise I could put a few of my web designer colleague’s noses out of joint. But I cannot shy away from the question, do web designers do SEO?

Well the simple answer should be yes. Why? Well look at it this way, if you wanted someone to design you a car,  you’d think that they would also know about the mechanics that actually make the thing do what it should, achieve it’s objective, get you from A to B. Ok I know that was not the best analogy but hopefully you get my point.

If you, the business owner, were to spend say, a few thousand on a fancy website you would expect it to generate business not just sit there, tucked away looking pretty!

Answer The Question John! Do Web Designers Do SEO?

A recent survey on the importance of Search Engine Optimisation to web designers suggested that only 10% of them thought it were essential…10%!

So, I’ll ask the question again, do web designers do SEO. Yes they can, or they could do if they bothered to apply the necessary SEO strategies. But in many cases they don’t (even when they advertise SEO services on their fancy websites), which means I am regularly drafted in on a firefighting mission by companies who are frustrated at the activity, or lack of it, from their website.

So what is the solution?

Well, if you are unable to find a company that can genuinely provide both services (they are out there…ahem, you’re on the site of one of them!) then it is of paramount importance that you employ the services of an SEO specialist BEFORE the first piece of HTML code is written.

They will do all the necessary groundwork and planning, so that when work begins on constructing the site you will be guaranteed a highly optimised end product.

Obviously, in this case you will need to employ two professionals to ensure the project is completed efficiently and effectively, so sourcing a company or person who can do both will offer a higher ROI.

I believe the future points to these two aspects of web structure collaborating under one roof, and so they should as this is the most effective way to provide the client with what they wanted in the first place.

So in summary the question should be changed from do web designers do SEO?, to the statement web designers do SEO! and then we’d all be happy…

Want the best of both worlds? Contact me for all your SEO and web design needs!

Rant over…

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