How To Get A Google Page One Rank – Here’s The Proof!

How To Get A Google Page One Rank – Here’s The Proof!

It’s the big question – how to get a Google page one rank. If you read my blog often, you should know by now that I don’t often blow my own trumpet. But after realising that my last 5 blog posts are on page one of Google (I’m based in the UK so the results are from I thought what the hell! So I got the brasso out and gave the old trumpet a good polish and now I’m gonna blow it for you…

The answer to how to get a Google page one rank is, I suppose, the holy grail for any search engine optimiser, it’s what we set out to do and, when we do, it affirms our skills in this crowded industry. I constantly explain that one of the best ways to get high search engine rankings is via a blog, whether it is for personal or business use, and it is a huge cast iron FACT.

Now that doesn’t mean you can just tap a way at your keyboard for an hour and hit publish, no that’s definitely not how to get a Google page 1 rank. It does take an element of skill (otherwise people wouldn’t pay me to do it for them!), but it’s not rocket science.

I use my blog to offer advice, tuition and news from my niche, SEO. It is a competitive market, so I take my time to ensure all my SEO skills are utilised to give myself the best chance for it to be read and, so must you. If you haven’t already, use the SEO tips I give away to help you improve your chances of getting a Google page one rank for your blog posts, really I don’t mind if you steal, sorry, use them…

But enough of that, *makes trumpet fanfare with his mouth*, are my  last 5 blog posts and PROVE that I know…

How To Get A Google Page One Rank

Keyword: Writing Title Tags Dos and Don’ts
# Results : 138,000
Position: #2

Google Page One RankKeyword: Using Google Author Rank
# Results: 107,000,000
Position: #5

Keyword: Do Web Designers Do SEO
# Results: 179,000,000
Position: #9

Keyword: Blog Commenting for Link Juice
# Results: 37,000,000
Position: #3

Keyword: PPC Mistakes to Avoid
# results: 1,000,000
Position: #7

Ok, there was a little white lie, I also posted last week about avoiding SEO scams, with the target keyword being “seo scams” and to date I only rank #17 out of 5 million results, but watch that big boy rise to page 1 soon! So while I haven’t exactly answered how to get a Google page one rank, I’ve brought you to a website where the blog is loaded with enough tips, tricks and advice to set you on your way, that’s if you bother to check it out.

Oh and one final thing, when using Google search results, make sure they are accurate and not skewed to your personal search history, find out how here (That’s #5 out of 4,200,000 by the way…)

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