How To Write The Best Google Ads

How To Write The Best Google Ads

I love a challenge and writing a compelling ad using only 25 characters for the headline and just 70 for the content can sometimes stretch your patience. But it is a skill that can benefit your online advertising in more ways than one…

Cost you less AND increase sales!

With Google Adwords advertising there are two ways to ensure that you are paying the least amount of money on your campaign.

The obvious way is to reduce your maximum cost per click, which will have a detrimental effect on your Click Through Rate (CTR) and result in lower AdRank.

Or you can improve your ads through optimisation.

How do I do that I hear you say?

Two choices…

Pick up the phone and speak to a Google Certfied Adwords specialist (Me!), or continue reading…

Presuming you opted for the latter, let’s look at how to write the best Google ads.

Special Offers And Discounts

Writing the best Google adsRemember you have very little scope for copy, so promote any discounts or offers that are current. It goes without saying that that people searching for your product or service are going to be interested in saving money.

If you promote, say, a 20% discount then you will attract customers that will be willing to pay the amount you’re offering before they click on your ad, which will save you money on wasted clicks.

Value Keywords

No I don’t mean cheap ones! Look for descriptive “value” keywords in your ad copy. If you’re advertising pizza, use phrases like…

Pizza Savings
Discounts on our Quality Pizzas
Like Pizza? Save With Our Coupon!

Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Your ad title will be a big factor in getting a potential customer to click on your ad. Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) will increase your chances.

It works in this way…

If you are targeting the keyword “running shoes” and someone searches for “sports running shoes” if you use DKI your ad will automatically show the extra search word “sports” in the title, making your headline read exactly what they were looking for.

To implement it simply add a piece of code and let Google do the rest, just like this…

Headline: {KeyWord:Running Shoes}

One thing to remember though, Google only allows you 25 characters for the headline, so if the user searches for “high performance running shoes” DKI will not work as it exceeds the 25 character rule.

Call To Action

Prompting your audience to do something works. By simply asking them to do it is the best way to GET them to do it. Depending on what you are promoting, using phrases like “Call Our Experts Today”, “Buy Online Now” or “Register For Free” will get them clicking.

Carry on reading is another example!

Ask A Question

Compelling ad text is crucial to AdWords success. If you think you know what your audience will be asking when they are searching, state that question while also offering a solution…

Suffering From Haemorrhoids??
Sit Easy With Our Soothing Cream.

Ok I could have offered a better example but you get my point.

Split Test

Finally it is so important to test your ads. Run 3-4 at anytime with different text and monitor what works. Keep an eye on impressions, CTR, clicks and conversions always periodically dumping the worst performing and replacing it with new ad copy.

Do all the above diligently and you just may crack how to write the best Goolge ads.

This is not an exhaustive post but offers some pertinent advice, if you want to discuss any of it or want this Certified Adwords Google Partner to manage your campaign then get in touch.

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