Blog Copywriting

Blog Copywriting

Your company needs a voice, optimised blog copywriting will boost your website’s presence online.

Search engines love a blog…fact! If they are constantly updated and other people are linking to them then they love them even MORE.

But here’s the deal, without good web copy and engaging content you will be missing out on the potential traffic and enormous SEO benefits that your blog can bring you.

While a blog represents the voice of your company it’s flexibility and content variation allows you to interact in a less formal way than the corporate web site strategy. Together with its natural optimised structure your blog copywriting is an exciting and powerful format deserving its own strategy.

Part of a Successful SEO Strategy…

A blogs structure, with varied topics, allows each post to rank independently for target keywords that represent your company or service. This specific content within your website enables you to enhance SEO performance via inbound links from natural and highly relevant content.

Increased Visibility and Potential Traffic Conversion…

Your blog serves as an important means for potential clients/customers to find you. Specifically targeted keywords within your niche will be incorporated into each post enabling wide coverage outside of the SEO keywords already inserted in your corporate website.

Implemented correctly and your blog will serve as a lead generating entity sending qualified traffic to the corporate site and the page of your choice. It also serves as an important communications component which potential customers will expect from leaders in your chosen industry.

Promoting Your Blog Copywriting…

The job is not yet done. Maximum exposure ensures optimum traffic, conversions and SEO juice. Depending on your industry and customers will determine how we promote your blog, but in essence the 4 key methods which form the overall strategy are…

  • Submitting to blog directories and relevant resource sites.
  • Relationship building with other bloggers.
  • Formal announcements to members with press releases.

We are happy to discuss our involvement whether it be overall blog creation and management to simply creating SEO enhanced blog copywriting – the choice is yours.

EVERY corporate website needs a blog. Contact us to discuss your needs.