Why A Website Needs SEO

Why A Website Needs SEO

I went out to watch my beloved West Ham stuff Chelsea this weekend with a friend who I hadn’t seen for too long. After the elation from seeing the mighty Hammers come from a goal down to win 3-1, the conversation turned to websites and SEO. My friend could not understand that if you’ve got a fantastically designed website, why you would need someone like me! So after an hour of me answering why a website needs SEO, he left still awake and with the belief that EVERY website needs SEO!!

For that reason I have decided to explain in layman’s terms once and for all why a website needs SEO, if you still don’t comprehend after this, then perhaps you never will…

Why A Website Needs SEO Explained

It’s a question that is asked time and time again by businesses who already have a fancy website that they’re proud of, but go searching for someone like me when after a few months their site is not doing what it was supposed to. The fact is the majority of businesses don’t understand how the Internet really works. It’s not their fault, but it hails back to the day of bricks and mortar companies – if I put a sign out front they will come and find me….


Why Websites Need SEOThe easiest analogy I could use when discussing it with my friend, was to describe the Internet as a giant library. Imagine entering this huge library without knowing the exact name of a book you were looking for, it could take you a lifetime to find what you were looking for. That’s why libraries employ librarians and use the Dewey Decimal System to help you find what you want. They are the algorithms to simplify the search. You may go to look for a particular book on the basis of a recommendation from a friend, or because you have perused a best seller list in the weekend paper.

The Internet is the same. It uses algorithms to put in front of you relevant content that you are searching for. Backlinks are like a recommendation from a friend, a vote of confidence for the content that might interest you, and likes and reviews are close to being the bestseller lists that you read in the paper. It’s that simple.

If a businesses site cannot be found by the search engines, or it’s content indexed, you will simply be missing out on the incredible business opportunities available that will be snapped up by your competitors.

A heavily search engine optimised site will communicate with the search engines, telling them exactly what your site is all about, which they will crawl over finally positioning them in their results pages. Put simply SEO gets your site seen.

The text users type into the search box containing words and phrases best suited to your site carry extraordinary value, if your site has been optimised for them to be seen. Targeted visitors to a website can provide revenue, publicity and exposure like no other, I cannot put it more simply, search engine traffic can make or break an organisation. It is for this reason that an investment in SEO whether it be time or money will provide an exceptional return on investment (ROI).

Without SEO a website will disappear into the ether unnoticed with the inevitable outcome, flatlining with very little traffic and very little business and a poor ROI.

And that my friends is why a business needs SEO! If you are still not sure get in touch and I’ll go through it in even more detail.

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