SEO Trends For 2013

SEO Trends For 2013

2013 is finally with us so I decided to look into my crystal ball and share with you my SEO trends for 2013 that will need to be implemented into any successful SEO campaign .

You should, by now, know that SEO is an organic process that evolves with time, what worked in in 2012 might now damage your website’s ranking or simply have no effect whatsoever.

After consulting my highly polished crystal ball I have decided to share with you my prediction of SEO trends for 2013 and if you have a corporate website that needs to be seen, pay very good attention!

Your Guide to SEO Trends for 2013

  • Social Media will continue to influence search results. The emergence of Google+ as a major player (no surprise there!) alongside Facebook and Twitter, results in the importance of using these channels to enhance  your SEO marketing strategy. Also look out for the possibility of Facebook releasing their own search engine soon – yep, you read that correctly – as I write it is only rumour, but following a turbulent year for Mr Zuckerburg who knows…
  • Organic search marketing will continue to become more prominent. The trend of increased sales coming from organic search results has grown over the last 12 months. Because on this trend, “humanised ranking” will be relied on more and that, in turn, means Google will be using social media to offer users “real time” search results. Therefore press releases, blogs and constantly updated social media channels will become EVEN more important, but we knew that didn’t we?
  • On the subject of blogging, sorry to disappoint you but writing a blog post of just 300 words will no longer be sufficient. It’s Google’s way of rewarding quality, relevant content and, therefore, the benchmark will be raised to around 700 words, yes you heard that right you lazy blogger – get writing!
  • Another factor will be press releases. They will begin to take on a similar importance to blog posts. I personally have seen great results from press releases in the past 6 months and expect that to continue. Put simply, don’t just rely on your blog, use the power of regular press releases. For organisations on a small budget I would suggest using PR Log as a starting point, it’s effective and free!
  • Finally, title tags and headings will remain as important as ever and may carry even more weight in the way that your blog or website is ranked in the search engines. Google will be looking for more focused or keyword based content within them.

So there you go, not an exhaustive list (well what do you expect for free!) but important SEO trends for 2013 which is crucial for your sites visibility and that is surely what you are looking for – no?

Want more? Get in touch and let’s make 2013 a year to remember…

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