Blog Commenting For Link Juice

Blog Commenting For Link Juice

Ever since Google’s Penguin update there has been a rethink on backlink building and it’s SEO worth. The update was definitely a force for good and has eliminated a high percentage of spam commenting, but one thing hasn’t changed and that is blog commenting for link juice is still a proven SEO strategy when done correctly and ethically.

Time and time again you read blog posts and at the bottom see people commenting on the subject and think I’ve got a thought on that but, “hey I’m to busy to add to it”.

Whoops, mistake!

By passing up you are missing out on blog commenting for link juice, an easy opportunity to attain some coveted link juice and SEO love for your website which will improve your rankings in the search engines.

But let’s be careful here, blog commenting takes time and you need to make sure it is done correctly and by that I don’t mean leaving an inane one line response that has no value. Remember there are two potential benefits to blog commenting for link juice, one, as already explained, quality backlinks and secondly visits to your website from other users.

Blog Commenting For Link Juice – Steps To Take

So my first tip when blog commenting for link juice is say something interesting,¬† worthwhile and pertinent to the subject of the post. Don’t just write, “Great post!” and then a link to your site. Remember the vast majority of blog comments are moderated and if it were me I wouldn’t allow a shallow comment like that on my site. Result? Time wasted and other bloggers thinking you’re a worthless dunce!

My second tip is to make sure that the blog allows links to be followed. Attributes are used to control this. A blog will either use the “nofollow” or “dofollow” attribute each self explanatory. So it is imperative that, when blog commenting for link juice, the blog in question features the “dofollow” attribute.

“How will I know?”

Well, you can search in the source code for the attribute, but that takes time and knowledge, an easier way is to Google the search phrase “dofollow blogs” in your niche and someone out there will have done the work for you and created a list. There is also software available that will assist you, the searchstatus add-on for Firefox being one.

So now you know which ones allow followed backlinks, but next you need to ensure that the blog in question has a high PageRank to make it worthwhile. I personally look for a minimum PR of 3, but obviously when blog commenting for link juice, the higher the better.

Remember this is an ongoing process, try to set aside 30 minutes a day to comment on third party blogs, over time you will DEFINITELY reap the benefits.

Finally, why not take the time to personalise your comments by getting a universal gravatar that will automatically be used when you comment, is a simple tool, just make sure you have a nice headshot handy and follow the one time simple instructions.

So there you have it, blog commenting for link juice is still a proven method to boost¬† SEO on your website but don’t become a cyberspace pest and do it properly!

Still too busy? Get in touch and I’ll do it for you!

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