Using Google Author Rank To Improve Your Brand

Using Google Author Rank To Improve Your Brand

Phew! For us Search engine Optimisers, keeping up with Google is sometimes exhausting, but a must. Without your finger on Google’s pulse you stand to lose out and start dropping down the rankings. So when Google wheel out something new you have to pay attention and  understand why they are doing it and then, like a proverbial sheep, follow it and in this case it’s a no brainer. So let’s take a look at  using Google Rank to improve your brand.

Put simply Google Author Rank is a further extension of Google+ and if you didn’t already know they use Google+ to influence search results. With Google Author Rank they are further going to prioritise authors according to their expertise, thus continuing the war against spammy crap that uses keyword stuffing to “con” the search engines…


In short, if you continue to generate original, high quality content and connect it to your Google+ account you can expect to be climbing the rankings, oh and they’ll add a picture of you to their results page as well (more on that later).

It’s simple using Google Author Rank to improve your brand.

You should already know that Google+ has grown into a worldwide social network, I suppose you could describe it as Facebook for clever people (I need to work on that tagline!). It allows you to create your own circles so that you can interact with whoever you want to. Authors can then connect their written content to Google+ allowing search engines to offer you far more visibility than ever before.

Using Google Author Rank is not limited to just blog content or articles either, it incorporates video and any related content as well. As long as you’re responsible for generating compelling content you can use Author Rank to gain an advantage in your SEO results.

Once you have set up your author rank, you will begin to see (it can take a bit of time so do it now!) your name, image and byline accompanying the meta description on the results page which, in turn, portrays you as a much more credible source and will lead to an increase in traffic to your site (as much as 50%). Google won’t fail to notice this, so hey presto, your rise in SERP begins.

Using Google To Improve Your Brand

See I told you, it’s simple using Google Author Rank to improve your brand. Now when you feature on the results pages you will be perceived as more trustworthy and professional leading, as I said before, to an increase in hits to your site. I am only speaking from personal experience here, as Google Analytics confirms the content with Author Rank out performs those without.

But remember don’t just expect this to happen without creating content that people want to read, it won’t. Take a look at my SEO Copywriting Tips to improve your skills then combine it using Google Author Rank to improve your brand.

As I always say SEO is not rocket science, it is all about understanding the process and then implementing it. If you have any questions on SEO or sport, or want to utilise my skills to boost your online presence, get in touch!

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