SEO Copywriting Tips – Become a Maestro

SEO Copywriting Tips – Become a Maestro

With recent Google algorithm updates affecting many websites it is important to reaffirm the importance of one of the foundations of SEO – content. You can apply as many tips and tricks as you want but it will always come down to one thing, great content. Over the next few days I will be posting about the key SEO copywriting tips that should underpin your website copy.

Let’s start by reminding ourselves why relevant and quality content is important to your website and how a blog is essential to any business.

  • Helps build trust
  • Gets your website seen
  • Positions you as an industry authority
  • Leads to conversions
  • Creates loyal customers who keep coming back

Just writing for writing for writing’s sake is not good enough. With the infinite competition online you have to position your content so that it can be seen and that is why you have to consider SEO copywriting tips when producing and publishing online content. SEO is there to to help your content reach the audience you want, those that are most likely to use your products or services.

With that in mind, let’s look at three of the vital SEO practices when optimising your writing style.

SEO Copywriting Tips #1 – Who is your audience?

Before you start you must decide who you intend to read your work. Each piece should be tailored to a specific audience, simply publishing article after article without knowing your target audience is pointless! Knowing who will be likely to read your content will affect how and what you write. What would your ideal customer want to read? Why would they be searching for the information? What are their interests?

Once this strategy is defined you will be ready to start creating, but first we need to decide on an optimised title and that will involve the second strategy…

SEO Copywriting Tips #2 – Keywords.

Yes, yes I know I continually bang on about this, but if it means you understand their importance, then it’s worth it!

With the article idea established, it is now time to use your keyword research tool of choice, there are plenty of free tools out there and to start with I would suggest the Google Keyword tool.  Don’t just choose single keywords as these are more likely to be highly competitive research for more longtail phrases connected with your niche. The competition will be lower and you will be able to insert them more easily into your copy, just like in this case SEO copywriting tips…

Compare your results with previous click through rates on your site to assess popularity then once you have it your good to go!

SEO Copywriting Tips #3- Grammar

One of the bonuses of writing blogs is that you can stray away from a more academic style of writing. Certain rules can be ignored, indeed I would urge you to develop your own unique, relaxed style, that readers will find characterful and compelling, so that they will come back for more, which is the point isn’t it?

This is especially important if more than one person writes for the blog. If this is the case, be sure to make clear who is responsible for individual posts so that your readers “get to know” the authors and know what type of content to expect in the future.

There is, however, one rule that must be adhered to – spelling. Sure you will make the occasional error and most probably get away with it. But apply strict management to proof reading as constant errors are a most definite no-no.

So there you have 3 SEO copywriting tips to begin with, which will help you generate SEO friendly content that will be found by those you want to read it.

Keep your eyes peeled over the next few days as I add more strategies that will turn you into an SEO content maestro…

If you have any questions on this subject or anything to do with SEO feel free to contact us.

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