Adwords Enhanced Campaigns Help

Adwords Enhanced Campaigns Help

It’s been a busy start to 2013, three new clients on board, so firstly I’d like to say welcome to Jackson & Co Photography, Custodian Data Centre and Compass Moving Services.  But, this has led to a woeful neglect of my blogging. So here we are, Sunday morning, coffee, iTunes and looking at a PPC account which I’ve decided to give some Adwords enhanced campaigns help.

Google has introduced Adwords enhanced campaigns, so should we welcome it with open arms? In a word, yes.  It may not be for all, depending on your business, but for many the drilling down and control it offers is time saving, cost efficient and gives the potential to increase your ROI.

So what is an enhanced campaign?

Enhanced campaigns allow you to bid across devices, location and time. You can now bid higher or lower based on the user’s proximity to you and what device they’re using. To give you a better insight I’ll let Sridhar Ramaswamy, Senior VP of Engineering at Google offer his pizza analogy explaining the benefits…

“…a pizza restaurant probably wants to show one ad to someone searching for “pizza” at 1pm on their PC at work (perhaps a link to an online order form or menu), and a different ad to someone searching for “pizza” at 8pm on a smartphone a half-mile from the restaurant (perhaps a click-to-call phone number and restaurant locator). Signals like location, time of day, and the capabilities of the device people are using have become increasingly important in showing them the right ad.”

He then goes on to explain how this will be time saving instead of having to cobble together and compare several campaigns, it can now be managed in one single place helping businesses to reach potential customers with the right ads based on their context, where they are, at what time and the device they’re using – brilliant!

So what changes to your PPC strategy are needed?

Adwords Enhanced Campaigns Help – Bidding & Budget Management

There will be changes to both bidding and budget management within Adwords. Essentially Google is combining all device specific ads into one campaign as opposed to targeting mobile, tablet and desktop users with separate campaigns and their own budgets. In a nutshell, from now on you will be managing and treating them as one paid search strategy.

Within the campaign you will set different bids based on the users location, time and device used, allowing you to reach your target market by setting higher bids for what can now be considered “priority customers”.

Adwords Enhanced Campaigns Help – Smarter Ads

The new format will include new types of ads to take into account varying user context. Currently there are several types of extensions for ads, allowing additional pages to increase the amount of relevant information. With Enhanced campaigns you will be able to schedule those extensions. Imagine a restaurant that has a lunchtime special menu, they will now be able to provide a link to it between the hours of say, 10am – 2pm only, optimising its effect for that time period only.

Enhanced campaigns ads will also take into account the targeted device capability, downloading specific apps or making calls directly from ads to complete a conversion. All sounds good doesn’t it! But this will only be possible if, of course, you have a mobile website, so if you haven’t, sort it NOW!

Adwords Enhanced Campaigns – Better Reporting

More in depth reporting within enhanced campaigns will allow optimised analysis and, therefore, a greater insight into what works and what needs tweaking. All in all it points to a greater understanding of how best to spend your marketing budget.

Over the next couple of months Google will start migrating existing accounts over to the new format, but you don’t have to wait, the option is already there to begin immediately. Don’t stick your head in the sand, get ahead of the competition, understand it and implement. These changes offer you far greater control, all for a relatively low amount of “work”, so my advice to you is absorb this and in the words of Nike….


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