SEO Process

SEO Process

WaxSEO follows the same SEO process for assessing the needs of any site or business. Following analysis I will report back to the client with a list of goals and objectives and how they will be implemented.

SEO Process | Analysis of Your Website.

First it has to be understood that every website is unique and therefore analysis of the mechanics and architecture of the site is imperative. While you may be happy with the look and feel of your site, their may be unseen issues in the background which could be damaging your search engine presence. WaxSEO will identify the problems and offer the solutions to correct them.

Next an analysis of what you want your website to achieve, increased targeted traffic, encourage visitors to sign up to a newsletter or report, or simply to get someone to make a purchase online. This knowledge is crucial to the SEO process as it needs to be incorporated into any SEO strategy.

Site Content | Keyword Analysis.

There is a simple rule on the Web…it’s all about information – simple!

The content of a page is what makes it worthy of a good search result position, remember Google and Co want their users to easily discover what they were looking for and if your content is lacking in any way your site will be ignored – fact!

WaxSEO will perform keyword and content analysis with the client as part of the SEO process and, if necessary (which is usually the case!), incorporate it into the site in the appropriate manner.

Link Popularity Analysis.

Link popularity focuses on the number and quality of links pointing to a web page. Obtaining external links to your site has always been a key SEO strategy but overuse and abuse has resulted in Google punishing those sites that try to “trick” it into giving enhanced search results rankings by populating pages with non-relevant or bad links. WaxSEO will audit all external links and eliminate those that are detrimental, while also offering a strategy to be implemented to increase the number of good links.

The SEO process outlined here is a general overview of the procedure necessary to create a Search Engine friendly site. WaxSEO also uses further techniques to increase Internet traffic which fall within the SEO umbrella, both combined give our clients all they need to get the most effective use of the central hub of their business – their website.

If you are unsure of any of the terminology featured above, please refer to the SEO Glossary. For further information or if you have any questions on how WaxSEO can help your Internet presence please contact us.