SEO Copywriting Tips Part 3

SEO Copywriting Tips Part 3

If you’ve managed to follow me through this trilogy of SEO Copywriting tips, well done! What I love most about the web is the amount of FREE stuff, I consider it  giving back. I have basically tutored myself over the years, sure I’ve wasted a fair few pounds on e-books written by people that just want to make a quick buck and don’t really care what dross was in their “infomercial”,  but the content that really made a difference was the free knowledge, so my friends that’s what I’m doing, giving back, but I digress, lets get started with my final instalment of SEO copywriting tips, if you missed them click on the links for parts one & two…

SEO Copywriting Tips #7 – Linking

Now you need to be a little careful here, this time last year you could be adopting a few black hat linking techniques to get some SEO Juice, but Google put a stop to that following their Penguin algorithm earlier this year, I wrote about it and how to clean up your backlinks, make sure you check it out.

Even after the update, linking has remained as the fundamental basis of the web. In short, search engines want to know your website is sufficiently connected with your pages, and this matters hugely when it comes to SEO.

There are 4 key elements to good linking practice, keep to these and you will have a strong foundation from which to build on.

  • Link to relevant copy reasonably early on in your copy.
  • Link to relevant pages about every 150 words (so 600 words of copy should contain 4 links).
  • Always link to relevant pages within your site and exterior sites.
  • Ensure anchor text is naturally relevant.

Remember the more connections you make via links and link backs will be rewarded by the Search Engines.

SEO Copywriting Tips #8 – Flash and Frames

This is quite simple…

Don’t use either Flash or frames because they are both the enemy of SEO.

Why? Flash takes ages to load and can’t be read by search engine bots. Any information imbedded in a Flash file will not be indexed or read and, hello, that’s the whole point of SEO!

Then there’s frames. Frames do away with the single fundamental unit of website navigation, which is single categorically identifiable web pages. Use them and you will destroy any chances with the search engines, it’s that simple you have been warned…

SEO Copywriting Tips #9 – The Power Of Numbers

My final tip is all about numbers. Using numbers in your copy suggests detail which will always be more interesting than general information. Be honest now, which of the following two titles tickle your fancy…

7 Proven Techniques To Improve Your SEO Copywriting Skills

How To Become A Better SEO Copywriter

I know which one I would click on. “7 Proven Techniques” grabs me immediately, rather than the “How To” version. It really is that simple and don’t stop with your content. Use it in your social media strategy when putting your content out there, it works!

Well I suppose it’s time for me to call this a wrap! I’ve enjoyed writing it and hope you’ve enjoyed reading this and, more importantly, gained from the advice.  Oh and finally, how about a little SEO love and a link to this?  Well if you don’t ask…

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